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Host Bus Adapter Serves Wide Range of I/O Needs

The VMICPCI-5661 is a Fibre Channel host bus adapter for CompactPCI with applications in telecommunications, signal processing, sensor I/O, imaging, and more. It's based on Qlogic's 2200 chip, providing both SCSI and IP protocols with software driver support for Windows NT, Solaris, Linux and VxWorks. It provides network throughput of more than 100 Mbytes/s on 1.06-Gbaud fiber optic or copper serial links. PCI performance of 264 Mbytes/s is also available with a 64-bit-wide, 66-MHz interface. The firm's drivers add TCP/IP, including UDP, to the supported protocols. The board's ASIC contains a 64-bit PCI host interface, a RISC processor, a Fibre Channel protocol engine and decidated transmit and receive frame buffers.

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