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Host Processors Now Come In Speed-Enhanced Or Smaller-Size Versions

Rounding out the Smart Networks Platform family of integrated host processors are the speed-enhanced MPC8245 and the smaller footprint MPC8241. The MPC8245 is now available in 333 MHz and 350 MHz configurations and the MPC 8241, in 166 MHz and 200 MHz versions, comes in a 357-pin BGA, said to take up less board space. Both devices integrate a PowerPC 603e core, 32-bit processor with floating point, memory management, branch prediction unit, and a 16K data and 16K instruction cache. Other features of both devices include a memory controller, interrupt controller, DMA controller, I2C interface, and 16550-compatible DUARTs. The MPC8241 166MHz and 200 MHz versions are priced at $19.89 and $22.95, respectively, each/10,000 and the MPC8245 333MHz and 350 MHz processors are priced at $45.60 and $48.93, respectively, each/10,000. For further details, call Sarah Spreitzer at MOTOROLA INC., Tempe, AZ. (512) 933-7753.


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