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Hot Bar Reflow Equipment Joins Flexible Circuits

Used for flex-to-pc board soldering in cellular telephones, pagers, handsets, computer peripherals, consumer goods, medical equipment, and more, the 9100 Series of semi-automatic, rotary workstations and the low-volume, benchtop manual 9200 Series of hot bar reflow equipment and workstations provide a reliable method for joining flexible circuits, edge connectors, ribbon cables and PCMCIA connectors to pc boards and substrates. The units incorporate the firm's Uniflow pulsed heat technology controls for hot bar reflow soldering, heat sealing and conductive adhesive bonding applications. The Uniflow has an easy-to-use graphic user interface that allows accurate programming of pre-heat, rise and heating time and temperature. The display also shows real-time temperature during the heating cycle. Data output to PCs or multiple units is via RS-485 as standard on all units. The Uniflow will store 15 heating profiles, and process alarms counters and automation ready I/O to provide a turnkey solution for the high-volume applications.


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