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Hot Product: High-Availability COTS Hardware

The Rave 25k is a complete hardware and software platform for five- and six-nine availability targeted at high-availability (HA) embedded markets, such as communications and e-commerce. It scales to 14 single-board computers in a compact 9U by 255-mm space.

The hardware architecture is Ethernet-centric. It employs PICMG 2.16-compliant hardware and an IP-based software architecture and communication mechanisms. The integrated Ethernet system uses re-dundant 100-Mbit/s nonblocking Ethernet switches. This allows expansion to other chassis in addition to providing a robust communications environment.

Policy-based HA and remote platform supervision are key to the system. This support is standard and doesn't require additional customer configuration.

The policy-based system supports Linux and VxWorks. Other operating systems can be integrated with the HA support as well.

Remote platform supervision lets system administrators monitor and reconfigure a system remotely through a standard interface. Other systems, like those available from Force Computers, provide a hardware-only solution where remote management must be customized to the hardware.

There's 100% coverage of all active components, including switches, CPUs, fans, and power supplies via SNMP. SNMP management provides access to system platform and inventory management information.

Rave systems are available now from Force Computers. All hardware is fully redundant and hot-swappable. Consulting for customization of HA support for new operating systems is available from Force Computers.


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