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HV Pulsers/Switchers Improve Ultrasound Images

Texas Instruments’ TX7xx family of fully-integrated, high-voltage pulsers and switches forecast the development of affordable, compact ultrasound systems. The high-end model, the TX734, is a quad-channel pulser designed for portable to mid-range ultrasound systems. It promises to reduce board space by 50% compared to discrete solutions and its active damping feature improves pulse symmetry and second order distortion to achieve clearer images.

The device integrates four channels of level translators, drivers, a high-voltage output stage, and active damping into a 64-pin, 9 by 9-mm QFN package. Active damping improves pulse symmetry and delivers a second-order distortion of -40 dB and improves signal sensitivity by at least 5 dBc. The output stages deliver up to ±2-A peak output currents with up to ±75-V swings. Output frequency is up to 15 MHz.

Samples will be available in January 2009 with production set for the fourth quarter 2009. Price is $10 each per 1000.

Texas Instruments

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