Electronic Design

Hydrogen Pressure Sensor Good For Use In Fuel-Cell Vehicles

The AST 2000H2 Hydrogen ASIC pressure sensor is suitable for use on hydrogen-powered vehicles and in other emerging hydrogen applications.  Certified for use by European and Asian automobile manufacturers as on-board hydrogen sensors for fuel cell vehicles, the sensor employs a one-piece thick diaphragm, free of internal O-rings, welds or fill fluids, that keep hazardous media out, eliminating the chance of hydrogen permeation and eventual sensor failure.  It employ’s proprietary Krystal Bond technology that enhances performance by reducing long-term drift to 0.25% per year.  The technology also utilizes an inorganic bond, free from glue line failure and outgassings. AMERICAN SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES INC., Mount Olive, NJ. (973) 448-1901.

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