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HyperTransport Streams Comm Packets

The HyperTransport 1.2 Specification welcomes a feature called DirectPacket. This enhancement adds four new capabilities to the HyperTransport technology, including native packet handling, robust error retry protocols, peer-to-peer routing, and the ability to define additional virtual channels for streaming data. Peer-to-peer routing allows HyperTransport to be used more effectively for native communication versus support for PCI legacy interfaces.

Sixteen new virtual channels can simplify board-level integration with common communications protocols like SPI-4.2 and XAUI. The improvements are similar to HyperTransport enhancements made by Broadcom in its 64-bit MIPS-based multiprocessor broadband processor line. The new standard formalizes the approach.

HyperTransport technology is licensed on a royalty-free basis through the HyperTransport Technology Consortium.


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