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IAR Adds Development Support For New Devices

IAR Systems has added support in its IAR Embedded Workbench for two new microcontroller families: Atmel’s AVR XMEGA and Luminary Micro’s ARM Cortex-M3-based Stellaris devices. The company also announced an agreement with Freescale Semiconductor’s Wireless Connectivity Group to include IAR’s development tools and debug probe in the next generation of Freescale’s development kits for the MC1322x IEEE 802.15.4 Platform-in-Package IC.

Version 5.10 of IAR Embedded Workbench for AVR supports Atmel’s new AVR XMEGA family of 8-bit microcontrollers. IAR Systems developed its Embedded Workbench for AVR working closely in parallel with Atmel’s development of the AVR architecture. The result is maximum usage of the core’s capabilities and maximum code-generation performance, according to the company.

The XMEGA devices are general-purpose MCUs suited for a variety of battery-powered applications, including audio systems, ZigBee, power tools, medical, board controllers, networking, metering, optical transceivers, motor control, and white goods. The devices were specifically designed to improve system performance while keeping power consumption extremely low. A DMA controller removes data transfer bottlenecks and an innovative Event System provides predictable behavior with no event latency. The second-generation picoPower technology allows the devices to operate from just 1.6 V, with up to 32 MIPS at 32 MHz and flash memory sizes from 16 kbytes to 384 kbytes.

In addition, IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM now features full support for the USB-enabled additions to Luminary Micro’s ARM Cortex-M3-based Stellaris MCUs. Luminary Micro also announced two new evaluation kits, both with a free code-size-limited KickStart Edition of IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM. The Stellaris MCUs add USB 2.0 full speed capabilities to the communication possibilities already available in the family. USB On-The-Go (OTG) and USB Host/Device support are introduced in the LM3S3000 and LM3S5000 series.

Freescale’s ZigBee development kits also include its BeeKit Wireless Connectivity Toolkit, which provides direct support for IAR Embedded Workbench, easing the integration from BeeKit software to Embedded Workbench. The high-end versions of the development kits are expected to include a Baseline Edition of IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM technology with EABI support, and a J-Link JTAG debug probe. Users of the low- and mid-range kits will be provided with a choice of installing either the 32-kbyte code-size-limited KickStart Edition of IAR Embedded Workbench or a 30-day evaluation license for the full version of the tool, again with a J-Link probe included.

IAR Systems

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