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IBCs Lowers Costs In Distributed Power Apps

The Typhoon intermediate bus converters (IBCs), described as a new class of isolated dc/dc converters, are said to allow designers of distributed-power applications to replace conventional brick converters with loosely regulated, lower-cost power sources. For telecom and central office applications operating from 48V batteries, the 175W wide-input IBC series is capable of operating on voltages from 36V to 75V. Available in a quarter-brick form factor, it generates a 12V intermediate bus voltage and can deliver up to 14A of output current with a conversion efficiency of 94%. It employs an open-frame, single-board design and operates over a −40°C to +100°C temperature range without the need for a heatsink. Targeting cost-sensitive applications, two models in the narrow-input IBC series operate from a 48V±10% input in temperatures from 0°C to 80°C. Of the two models, one is rated for a 20A/240W output while generating an isolated 12V intermediate bus voltage and the other delivers a 25A/300W output. Both exhibit power-conversion efficiencies up to 96%. Price for either the 14A wide-input or 20A narrow-input IBCs is $53.99 each/1,000; the 25A narrow-input IBC costs $59.39 each/1,000. ARTESYN TECHNOLOGIES INC., Framingham, MA. (888) 283-3122.


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