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IC-Style Packaging Shrinks 15-A DC-DC Converter

Point-of-load converter integrates power semiconductors with layout-sensitive passives in space-saving LGA.

Power-supply vendor Power-One ventures into the power semiconductor area with its maXyz family of nonisolated dc-dc converters housed in LGA packages. Targeting point-of-load (POL) applications, particularly those associated with intermediate voltage bus architectures, the converters integrate the power semiconductors and layout-critical passives needed to implement compact, low-voltage buck converters.

The family's X3015P delivers 15 A at a programmable 0.75- to 4.0-V output while operating from a 3- to 6-V input. The 10- by 12-mm UL-approved converter requires 110 µF of input capacitance and 1320 µF of output capacitance in a typical application. When the X3015P and external passives are placed on one side of the board, the total design may occupy less than 1 in.2 of board space. Its 1.5-mm height allows it to be mounted to the underside of the pc board to further reduce the design footprint's size.

High volume pricing for the X3015P is about $5.50. With external parts, a complete 15-A design costs about $9 to $10. Both the part and a related prototype design kit will be available in July.


POL Converter Performance: The maXys family of 15-A POL dc-dc converters implements a compact alternative to discrete designs and other POL regulators, many of which are offered in SIPs or DIPs. Key specifications for the X3105P, the first maXys product, are shown below. In addition to these ratings, the dc-dc converters offer remote sense, output short-circuit protection, remote on-off enable, and no minimum load requirement.

X3105P Specifications

Input voltage range 3.0 to 6.0 V
Max dc input current 13 A
Output voltage 0.75 to 4.0 V
Output current 15 A
Efficiency IOUT = 5 A, VIN = 5 V, and VOUT = 3.3 V   95%
IOUT = 15 A, VIN = 3.2 to 6.0 V, and VOUT = 1.4 to 3.2 V 81% to 92%
Output ripple and noise 25 mV p-p
Range of programmable fixed frequency operation 300 to 500 kHz
Output voltage accuracy (% of VOUT) ±1.2 V
Operating junction temperature range at 100% load -40 to +125°C
Ambient temperature range as measured on case -40 to +115°C
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