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ICs Address Thermal Issues

Expanding the company's line of environmental monitoring and control (EMC) solutions are four new temperature sensors: the EMC1001, EMC1002, EMC1023 and EMC1033. Designed to provide accuracy of ±1°C while conserving board space, the EMC1002/23/33 sensors employ the company's proprietary anti-parallel diodes and ideality configuration. The anti-parallel diodes maximize thermal coverage while minimizing device pin count from 10 to eight pins. Thermal monitoring is done for two temperature zones on two pins, as opposed to managing only one zone for two diode pins. Through the company's ideality configuration feature, the EMC1002/23/33 sensors are able to compensate for the variance in substrate and discrete diode ideality over the entire temperature range, as opposed to correcting the temperature reading at only one temperature point. The EMC1001 temperature sensor delivers one of the industry's smallest single SMBus packages and is capable of signaling two interrupts as compared to one for competing products. This gives the flexibility of having both a host alert and a critical shutdown. The EMC1001 can also act as an inexpensive controller for two fans. Pricing for the EMC1001 is $0.65 each, for the EMC1002 is $0.90 and for the EMC1023 and EMC1033 is $1.10 each in unit quantities. SMSC, Hauppauge, NY. (631) 435-6000.

Company: SMSC

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