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ICs Set To Enter W-CDMA Mart

The RF2689 and RF2690 combine on-chip integrated intermediate frequency automatic gain control (AGC) amplifiers and quadrature demodulators, with the new ICs designed for the receive section of W-CDMA products. The RF2689 is also part of an integrated multi-mode chipset that is scheduled for release later this summer-the chipset meets both W-CDMA and GSM receiver system requirements. The RF2689 and RF2690 are designed to amplify received IF signals, while providing 70 dB of gain control range, a total of 80 dB gain, and demodulation to baseband I and Q signals. They operate at 2.7V-3.3V with current consumption of just 8 mA. They also exhibit 5 dB noise figure and have a digitally controlled power down mode. The RF2689 and RF2690 are manufactured using BiCMOS process technology and are offered in a 4x4 mm, 20-pin leadless plastic package. Both components are priced at $2.12 each/10,000. Samples and fully assembled evaluation boards are available.


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