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IEEE 1394 Connectors Guarantee High Transmission Speed

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The new Series MV and RV connectors conform to IEEE 1394 standards, are compact in size, and guarantee transmission speed of 400 Mbps. Both connectors sport thin, flexible cables and are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards. Plugs for both of the connectors are designed for overmolding. Available in six circuits, the Series MV connectors are rated 1.0A ac/dc/line at 30V ac/dc for 28 AWG signal circuits and are rated 2.0A ac/dc/line at 30V ac/dc for 22 AWG power circuits. Type RV connectors, available in four circuits accommodating 32-30 AWG wire, are rated at 0.3A ac/dc/line at 30V ac/dc. Temperature range for both connectors is -40°C to +85°C, including the temperature rise in applying electrical current. SMT and through-hole receptacles, which come with a variety of mounting flanges, mount at right angles to the pc board.

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