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<i>electronica 2006 UPDATE:</i> 15.11.2006<br><b>Fairchild Introduces Motion-SPM in SMD Packaging</b>

South Portland, Maine:
Enhancing its portfolio of Smart Power Modules (SPM), Fairchild Semiconductor introduces the FSB50325S (250-V), FSB50250S (500-V) and FSB50450S (500-V), three new Motion-SPM devices available in 29-mm × 12-mm surface-mount-device (SMD) packages (see the Figure). The Motion-SPM in SMD enables designers to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency, compactness and low electromagnetic interference (EMI) required by small (50-125 W) inverter motor drive applications such as water pumps, dishwasher motors, and fan motors. By virtue of their high amount of integration and advanced packaging, these modules also dramatically simplify designs, speed time to market, and reduce total system cost.

"Designers of dishwasher inverter motors must contend with stringent energy-efficiency requirements as well as limited pcb board space," said Taehoon Kim, Vice President of Fairchild Semiconductor's Functional Power Group. "Fairchild's new Motion-SPM in SMD packaging improves system power efficiency by providing a high isolation voltage rating of 1500 Vrms for one minute and excellent thermal resistance. In addition, their ultra-small-footprint package is ideally suited for these space-constrained applications; and because these are surface-mount devices, they further reduce space and ease dfesign complexity by allowing the designer to utilize the backside of the pcb where the module is mounted. Additionally, the SMD-packaged Motion-SPM allows pcb manufacturers to use standard automated assembly line processes to speed design cycle time and reduce manufacturing costs."

Each Motion-SPM integrates six fast-recovery MOSFETs (FRFET) and three half-bridge high-voltage ICs (HVIC) into on thermally efficient package. Utilizing Fairchild's innovative technologies, these integrated components result in low-loss and low EMI characteristics that improve efficiency and reliability in the application. By employing a MOSFET as the device's power switch, the Motion-SPM also provides better system ruggedness and a larger safe operating area (SOA) than either IGBT-based power modules or one-chip solutions. Compared to discrete approaches, these highly integrated modules not only offer significant space savings, they also eliminate the time-consuming task of testing and qualifying multiple discrete components.

The Motion-SPM in SMD packaging enhances Fairchild's existing line of Motion-SPM products. Designers now have the option to choose the most appropriate package, an SMD or Tiny-DIP (dual in-line package). This packaging flexibility allows designers to choose the optimum device for their specific motor application requirements.

These lead (Pb)-free devices meet or exceed the requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020C and are compliant with European Union regulations now in effect.

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