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If There's One Constant In Engineering, It's Change

When we look at the world through our engineering eyes, we usually see things that mother nature could have done a better job on. We continually want to change things to make them better (at least in our opinion). Sometimes change is forced upon us due to evolution or changing climactic conditions, while in other situations, we initiate change because we hope that it will improve and enhance our condition.

Here at Electronic Design, we face the same challenges. We are continually impacted by the external market and changes in publishing approaches (lately in its print versus web content). At the same time, we are forcing change upon ourselves, most notably with our redesign that we launched this past January. Overall, the changes let us improve the product and give you, our readers, the best publication possible to help you in this constantly changing world.

In future editorials, I will show off some of the changes and improvements that we are making to help you get the information you need even faster. The first of these will be an improved web presence which will be unveiled next month. In the meantime, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a new member of our editorial staff. Louis Frenzel is our new Communications and Networking Technology Editor.

Louis joined our staff this month and will take over coverage of technology and product developments in such areas as wireless and wired data, voice communications, and networking technologies. With him, he brings a wealth of experience from the engineering and educational realms. Louis holds a master of education degree from the University of Maryland, and a bachelor of applied science in electronics technology from the University of Houston. In the early part of his career, he worked for various companies in the aerospace and geophysical sciences areas. Additionally, he held the position of director of computer products at Heathkit before it was acquired by Zenith to form Zenith Data Systems.

More recently, Louis worked at a number of education-related companies, including his own startup, where he created educational materials and courseware. In addition, he has authored over a dozen books on subjects like computer software, embedded processors, and wireless communications for publishers such as McGraw-Hill, Sams, Prentice Hall, and Newes/Butterworth Heinemann. In his most recent position as a professor of electrical engineering and program coordinator at Austin Community College, Louis developed curriculums for courses that included communications, semiconductor technology, embedded processors, as well as a number of other subjects.

Louis calls Austin, Texas, home and can be reached via e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at (512) 892-4329. Please join me in welcoming him on board.

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