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Image-Processing DSP Board Survives In Harsh Environments

Described as having a unique, high-throughput multiprocessing architecture based on either dual or quad PowerPC G3 or G4 processors, the CHAMP-AV DSP board is designed for harsh environment image processing applications that include target tracking identification, automatic target identification, optical and thermal imaging, digital radio receiver, and signal intelligence. The board supports two PMC expansion modules and is available in a number of ruggedization levels.
In addition to either dual or quad PowerPC processors running at up to 600 MHz, a 250-MHz core processor delivers an independant 6.1 SPECint95 performance plus up to 16 MB of flash memory. Other features include 64 MB of global SDRAM and up to 64 MB of local SDRAM, up to 2 MB of backside L2 cache, and enhanced I/O functions. Software support consists of DSP configuration tools, host/target-support libraries, and Smart DMA firmware. Third-party software includes an EST JTAG emulator, development tools, and VxWorks. Pricing for the CHAMP-AV starts $18,600.

Company: DY 4 SYSTEMS INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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