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Inductors Suited For Switchmode Power Supplies

Designed for switchmode power supplies and other applications, the SPB-500 Series of ferrite drum core inductors utilizes ferrite material that is stable from zero to the full rated current. The series consists of 26 devices, each with inductance values ranging from 180.0 µH at 15A to 2,200 µH at 1.35A dc. Typical dimensions are 35.94 mm diameter by 36.58 mm height. Each part has a mounting hole through the center of the core, and each accepts a #6 non-metallic screw to secure the part to the pc board. Two leads extend radially from the bottom of the core, and are 180° apart from each other. Pricing is about $4.52 each in production quantities. PREM MAGNETICS INC., McHenry, IL. (815) 385-2700.


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