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Industrial Monitor Comes With PC

The FPI1500FC series includes a standalone 15.1" TFT LCD XGA video monitor and integrated workstation assembly. All models include a custom polyester overlay with 20 function and 28 control keys to provide users with a separate keyboard. The high-resolution LCD has a brightness of 200 nits and maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels with 160° viewing cone. The standalone display uses a standard DB15 video input, and a wedge type controller and standard 5-pin DIN connector are provided for the keypads. The industrial PC is housed in a Comput-R-Pak that is hinged at the rear of the enclosure and is unassembled with removal from the cabinet for ease of service. The PC is available with a 7-slot ISA/PCI passive backplane and single-board computer. CPUs can be 300-MHz Celeron up to Pentium III 500. Hard, floppy, CD-ROM and ZIP drives are available.


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