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The iNEMI Boundary-Scan Adoption Project

The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) is a virtual consortium of about 70 electronics manufacturers, suppliers, associations, government agencies, and universities. Its mission is to identify and close technology gaps, which includes the development and integration of the electronics industry supply infrastructure. Accelerated deployment of technology is shaped and led by iNEMI members, benefitting the global electronics industry.

The boundary-scan adoption project proposed and implemented by iNEMI will promote the wider adoption of boundary scan throughout industry. The project encourages more semiconductor vendors to include the technology in their products and motivate those vendors now using non-compliant JTAG formats to adapt to the IEEE standards. Furthermore, iNEMIMI wants to promote the development of more tools by ATE vendors to support boundary-scan-based board test. On top of that, it wants to promote the development, refinement, and adoption of synthesis and verification tools to assist in implementing the standards.

The project begins with the development of a survey document that will be sent to boundary-scan users of all types to assess the deployment of the technology and how it can be improved. The survey results will gather relevant data and ideas, evaluate compliance to standards, and provide improvement and implementation processes to device vendors.

The overall goal is to understand the root cause impediments to more widespread adoption. This information will then be developed into a white paper to be shared with members. A following phase of the project will develop requirements for boundary- scan test development tools and related efforts. This 11-month project began in June and is expected to wrap up in early 2009.

“With iNEMI throwing its weight behind the adoption of boundary scan, more people are realizing just how vital non-invasive validation and test methodologies are for the industry,” says Alan Sguigna, vice president of sales and marketing for ASSSSET InterTech. “Now we are seeing the consumer-oriented electronics firms like PC manufacturers coming around to boundary scan.”

For additional information, go to www.inemi.org or contact Cynthia Williams of iNEMI at [email protected].

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