Electronic Design

InfiniBand Links Dual-Processor ATCA Blades

AdvancedTCA is fabric-agnostic, enabling Diversified Technology to deliver an InfiniBandbased dual-processor blade. The ATC5232 contains a pair of 2.8-GHz Xeon processors in conjunction with Intel's E7520 chip set. The board has two x4 Infini-Band ports via Mellanox's Infinihost III EX and two 1-Gbit Ethernet ports. The processors can access up to 16 Gbytes of double-data-rate SDRAM with error-correction-code support. The board also has a front-panel 1-Gbit Ethernet port, dual USB ports, a serial port, a CompactFlash socket, and room for a 2.5-in. integrated-developmentenvironment disk drive. The ATC5232 starts at $4495. www.dtims.com

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