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Instrument Chassis Holds PCI/ISA Boards

Well-suited for applications such as automatic test equipment (ATE), data acquisition, process control and scientific instruments, the GT7700 family of PCI/ISA instrumentation chassis offers a 233- or 300-MHz Pentium CPU. The CPU module occupies three of 14 available slots. The instrumentation section provides four PCI slots and eight ISA slots. The CPU module includes an all-in-one Pentium CPU card, floppy drive, hard disk, CD-ROM, SVGA interface, two RS-232 ports, and USB and parallel ports. It also provides three open slots for special I/O interfaces such as Ethernet, LAN, GPIB, MXI-VXI or any other PCI/ISA card. The chassis comes with two power supplies: one for the CPU and PCI slots, and the other to power the ISA section. Each supply has its own on/off switch to allow the ISA instruments to be powered down while the computer is running.

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