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Instruments Can Measure Both Power And Voltage

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Accurate RF power and voltage measurements as well as reduced costs and bench space requirements are among the key claims made for the 5230 series of EMC and board testing instruments. The meters can measure RF voltage from 10 Hz to 2.5 GHz, and span a 10 kHz to 100 GHz range when measuring power.As a power meter, they can make more than 200 measurements/s, with their power level measuring capability extending from -70 to +44 dBm within a 90-dB dynamic range. And with Model 5232, a dual-channel meter, input and output measurements can be made and viewed simultaneously- it also allows readings in different units, such as dB and mW, to be displayed simultaneously on different channels.For voltage measurements, the 5230 series offers a 200 µV to 10V range with true RMS response below 30 mV- with firm's 100:1 voltage divider, the true RMS range is extended to 3V. The meters employ touch-sensitive switch controls, a LCD, and a GPIB or optional RS-232 interface.

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