Electronic Design

Insulation Sheets Enable High Thermal Ratings

The compression molded HST-II, HTF, and H515 glass polyester laminate insulation sheets carry a UL approval rating for operation at +220ºC. Designed for dry-type, high-voltage transformer insulation systems, the components exhibit reliable retention of electrical and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. Additionally, all products are stable at their +220ºC thermal temperature rating. An asbestos-free solution, major industrial market applications for HST-II include high voltage transformers, oil-field transformers, and D.C. motors, amongst others. Notably, the thick and rigid 10-mm HST-II sheet is used extensively to produce combs to wind copper in between the transformer ‘hair comb’ slots to guide across the unit. It is also popular in buss-bar strip supports to conduct electricity within a distribution board apparatus. Haysite Reinforced Plastics, Erie, PA. (814) 868-3691.

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