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Integrated Machine Control System Reduces Footprint And Cost

An integrated machine-control device provides excellent performance while reducing the footprint and cost compared to many systems using network-based multi-axis products. Optimized for machine automation, the MC4U includes the motion controller, drives, power supplies, and high-speed PLC in 9-in., 11-in. and 19-in. units. The MC4U can directly drive up to eight coordinated axes with network extension capability of 64 additional network nodes for a total of up to 72 axes. Integrated universal amplifiers can directly drive any stepper, DC brushless, DC brush, or AC induction motor from 100 W to 5 kW with standard digital quadrature or analog sin/cos encoder. Dedicated servo processors on the controller board provide real-time servo control of each axis including position, velocity, current servo loops, and sinusoidal commutation. The dedicated motion programming language (ACSPL+) that runs on the MC4U controller provides a straightforward environment for users to program motion. In addition, the standard software package features a full motion controller simulator that allows users to develop application code and a host front end, all from the PC, without hardware. The MC4U is typically available with a lead time of two to four weeks. The comoany’s free motion simulator can be downloaded from its website. ACS MOTION CONTROL, Eden Prairie, MN. (763) 559-7669.


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