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Integrated Networks Reduce Emissions From PC Board Traces

This new line of EMI/RFI RC Schottky diode networks is designed to reduce wave reflections and signal ringing in high-speed data transmission lines. The RCD series offers multiple terminating lines per package in a low-profile, surface-mount network. The highly integrated design is said to offer stability and reliability in combination with real estate savings and a total component cost advantage.
The resistance range for the RCD series is 10 ohms to 10 Kiloohms with capacitance range of 10 pF to 100 pF. The diode capacitance is 5 pF. Applications for the Schottky diode networks include ac termination, EMI/RFI suppression, impedance matching, and the reduction of distortion and transmission line effects. The RCD series is available in several body styles, including wide SOIC, QSOP, and 0.6, 0.5, and 0.4 die packs.


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