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Intel Developer Forum Spotlights PC Design Info

Designers of personal-computer systems can expect a smorgasbord of technical information and product overviews that will satisfy the most information-hungry engineer at the Intel Developer Conference.

Scheduled for Sept. 16-18 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, the event will include a technology showcase with 125 exhibitors and a rich technical program with sessions covering communications, desktop systems, enterprise I/O and system design, high-performance computing, PCI Express, and many other topics. Electronic Design is one of the forum's sponsors.

At the nearby Fairmont Hotel, a concurrent Technology Symposium also hosted by Intel will provide over 40 presentations covering power-supply design issues, system packaging approaches, thermal solutions, interconnections, and pc-board-related design issues.

Complementing the technical sessions, two IEEE-sponsored panel sessions will examine "Buildings with Brains" and "E-Textiles: Applying Networks into Wearable Fabrics." In the first panel, experts will discuss the use of open protocols to make ordinary office buildings, apartment complexes, hospitals, and hotels smart and safe while driving down the cost of ownership. The second panel will look at enabling technologies and fabrication techniques for the economical production of information systems and sensors that are flat, flexible, and comfortable.

In addition to technical sessions and panels, multiple keynotes by senior Intel executives will highlight several critical themes. Paul Otellini, president and chief operating officer, will open the conference by focusing on converging technologies in consumer electronics, communications, and computing. Later that day, Louis Burns, VP and general manager of the Desktop Platforms Group, will describe Intel's vision of the digital home.

On day two, Ron Smith, VP and general manager of the Wireless Communications and Computing Group, and Anand Chandrasekher, VP and general manager of the Mobile Platforms Group, will examine the mobile lifestyle and approaches for designing for mobility and the underlying technologies that will make the next generation of mobile devices possible.

Next, Michael Fister, senior VP and general manager of the Enterprise Platforms Group, and Sandra Morris, VP and chief information officer, will address system security and reliability issues. Morris will discuss the needs and drivers for the adoption of technology in modern corporate environments, while Fister will discuss Intel's contributions toward meeting the demands of corporate environments, such as Itanium-based systems and enterprise I/O architectures.

On the last day of the conference, Sean Maloney, executive VP and general manager of Intel's Communications Group, will discuss the availability of standard modular components to address the needs of the communications market. Intel and many of its partners have created an ecosystem to support this market segment and help developers accelerate their design cycles.

Following Maloney, Patrick Gelsinger, senior VP and chief technology officer, will talk about system-level innovations that will transform radios, devices, and applications of the future. He will also demonstrate converged technologies that will adapt to the wireless channel, to traffic, and to the dynamic needs of its users.

For details and registration information, go to www.intel.com/idf.

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