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Intelligent Stepper Control Resides On Miniature Cards

Available in a compact package measuring 76 mm x 60 mm x 33m, the OSC-483H and OSC-805H analog speed-control boards provide intelligent velocity control when combined with the company’s hybrid step motor drives. The boards feature a digital oscillator with an output frequency up to 100 kHz, which will vary with the level of the 0 to 5 Vdc input via a 10 k_ potentiometer. They are programmable using an 11-command instruction set that consists of two- to seven-character mnemonics. This set is said to be comprehensive enough to set up all the operational parameters stored in the board’s non-volatile memory. Prices for the OSC-483H and OSC-805H are $62.90 and $70.30, respectively, each/100. INTELLIGENT MOTION SYSTEMS INC., Marlborough, CT. (860) 295-6102.


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