Electronic Design

Interactive Demo Platforms Ease MCU Assessment

Emerging as the industry’s first interactive software and hardware demonstration platforms for MCUs, the Sub-Atomic Particle Board demonstration platforms support the company's M16C, R8C, and H8 MCU families. The platforms promise to ease and accelerate the assessment of on-chip peripheral functions and system development tools by offering an integrated suite of hardware and software. They include interactive tutorials for verifying hardware and software and provide hands-on instructions for creating, building, debugging, and downloading a project. Additionally, the tutorials illustrate how to use the company's support tools as well as those from third-party suppliers. Some features of the platforms include the Embedded Workshop IDE that includes project management functions, Embedded Workshop Target Server software application, a COM object for Windows that can control the IDE and provides an external stimulus for performing tests on code even before the final hardware is available, and a debugger integrated on the platform’s target board. Single-unit price is $79.

Renesas Technology

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