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INTERBUS Controller Boards Include PCI/PC Card Interfaces

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Expanding the companyÕs family of PC ISA and PC/104 controller boards, the IBS PCI SC/I-T and IBS PCCARD SC/I-T INTERBUS controller boards provide users with PCI and PC Card interfaces, respectively. The boards provide the interface between a high-level language application program running on a PC and the INTERBUS I/O network.When combined with software (IBS CMD G4), the IBS PCI SC/I-T can store INTERBUS configuration data in on-board memory. This feature is said to make start-up, I/O monitoring, and troubleshooting fairly simple. Other features include direct connection of the I/O controller and status LEDs.The IBS PCCARD SC/I-T is designed to start-up or troubleshoot INTERBUS systems or operate mobile applications from a laptop computer. For further information and prices, contact PHOENIX CONTACT INC., Harrisburg, PA. (800) 586-5525.

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