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INTERBUS Controllers Evolve To Generation Four

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Introduced as the fourth generation of INTERBUS control, the SC/I-T controller board allows any PC's ISA bus to interface to an INTERBUS I/O network using the functions of Generation 4 firmware. This updated firmware provides increased messaging throughput over the network, advanced diagnostics, increased cabling options, synchronized scan cycles, and support for INTERBUS Installation Local Bus products. In addition, on-board programmable I/O functions have increased functionality by using IEC 1131-3 programming language, which is supported by the INTERBUS software tool IBS CMD. The controller is a half-size board suitable for micro-sized PCs and provides direct inputs for local switches, accessible from the application program. A watchdog circuit resets the I/O if the application program fails. A hardware-compatible version of the board in PC/104 format is also available.

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