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Interconnect System Adaptable To Any Size Footprint

The HiLo Flexible Interconnect System works with board-to-board or mezzanine card applications. The system is flexible because a customer can array the I/O in any pattern and have sample parts in two weeks for less than $2,000 NRE. The system is compatible with high-speed designs, with the 1 dB loop-thru bandwidth measured at 9.3 GHz. The height of a mated pair can be as low as 3 mm. The company is currently shipping pin fields and socket sets with more than 1,000 I/O. Contact pitch is typically 1.27 mm or 1.0 mm, and custom pitches can be ordered as well. Test reports are available upon request. Pricing is $0.02/contact per mated set in production volumes. INTERCONNECT SYSTEMS INC., Camarillo, CA. (805) 482-2870.


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