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Interconnections & Packaging: Locking-Screw Options Simplify Connector Board Mating

Locking-screw options make the QTS-RA/QSS-RA series 0.635-mm pitch high-speed interfaces more flexible. These interfaces will find homes on mating boards in perpendicular and coplanar applications. This pitch size is available for parallel board stacking with 5-, 8-, 11-, and 16-mm mated heights and up to 250 I/Os. Also, this feature significantly increases the ruggedness of the system and helps prevent accidental unmating due to "racking" of the boards. Connector pin counts range from 50 to 200 for perpedicular mounting daughtercards and for coplanar "pizza box" applications. Price ranges from $0.07 to $0.09 per mated line, depending on quantities.

(800) SAMTEC-9

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