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Interconnects Are Stackable, Eliminate Need For Soldering

Designed to reduce assembly costs in densely populated applications, the RC series of 0.075" and 0.1" stackable connectors employ an eye-of-the-needle design that eliminates the need to solder the interconnects. They also employ a round termination that acts as the mating pin for the next connector in the stack, with the connectors pressed into the circuit board in one step using a flat-plate tool connected to a press that presses on the mating face. The RC series comes in five standard termination lengths and in pin counts from 28 to 300 with a 0.075" contact spacing and 91 to 320 pins with a 0.1" spacing. AIRBORN, Georgetown, TX. (214) 931-3200.

Company: AIRBORN

Product URL: Click here for more information

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