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Interconnects Eye High-Frequency Uses

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Complying with the IEC 1076-4-101 global standard, the HM 2-mm board-to-backplane interconnect systems are said to feature fast rise times, low crosstalk, reduced signal attenuation, tight skews, and low capacitance. These characteristics are expected to help the cable-connector assemblies find use in a host of high-frequency applications, such as in data processing, telecomm, industrial process control, instrumentation, and medical systems. The high-density, high-speed modular interconnects employ a 2-mm signal contact pitch, with the pins arranged in stackable 1 x 5 wafers. Cables are available in 26, 28 and 30 AWG sizes in single-ended, 50 ohm coaxial styles or 100 ohm balanced line twinax or shielded twisted-pair versions. Spice models are available to enable designers to simulate the complete signal path.

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