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Interconnects Fit Tight, Ruged Environments

The Autoheader right-angle interconnects (see figure) suit applications that require solder-free, lead-free assembly in space-restricted, rugged environments, like stacked printed-circuit boards (PCBs), junction-box assemblies, and automotive connector modules and switches. They come in a variety of pin-header configurations to meet specific assembly requirements. Both single- and dual-row formats are available to ensure flexibility for higher interconnect densities.

The devices' proven "eye-of-the-needle" AutoPliant technology has undergone extensive qualification testing for automotive applications. Key test parameters included thermal shock, mechanical shock and vibration, and temperature and humidity cycling, using criteria based on the SAE/USCAR2 Rev. 4 and IEC 60352-5 standards. The interconnects significantly exceeded retention-force requirements and maintained a consistent gas-tight fit under adverse conditions.

Autosplice • www.autosplice.com

The Thin-Substrate Chip-Scale Package (tsCSP) from Amkor Technology is a land-grid-array, multi-row package (up to three rows) compatible with established CSP mounting techniques. The near chip-size standard outlines of the tsCSP offer a broad selection of land pitch, count, and body sizes. The use of a thin substrate delivers a standard height of 0.4 to 0.6 mm. An ultra-thin version with a thickness as small as 0.25 mm is also available. The company's exposed die attach-pad technology enhances the tsCSP's thermal performance. Visit www.amkor.com.

A slide-motion button on the second-generation ATCA handle from Elma Electronic latches the handle shut and activates an optional micro-switch. Closed, the handle is flush against the panel to prevent inadvertent opening prior to micro-switch activation. Moving the sliding button activates the micro-switch and unlatches the handle so it pivots out by a few degrees and presents itself for removal. Prices start under $2.00 in high volumes, with a lead time of stock to two weeks. See www.elma.com.

Corwil Technology Corp. is providing additional services for its system-in-package (SIP) and multi-component packaging (MCP) module customers. The company has teamed with substrate design and fabrication sources to deliver complete, turnkey SIP module design, substrate fabrication, and packaging services. Other capabilities include wafer thinning and dicing, inspection, wire bonding, flip-chip and surface-mount technology assembly, and encapsulation. To learn more, go to www.corwil.com.

Focus on Interconnects






AirMax VS connector system

New ball-grid-array termination option for shieldless high-speed connector; reduces PCB pricing layer count and cost; lowers insertion loss and improves impedance matching

Contact the company for pricing

Aries Electronics Inc.

Correct-A-Chip adapter

RoHS-compliant version of 20-pin plastic-leadless-chip-carrier, IC-to-16-pin dual-inline-package adapter; slight offset avoids typical bypass capacity placement; max operating temperature is 105°C

$6.17 each in quantities of 500


microSD memory-card connector

Saves 70% of the space versus miniSD versions; brake tabs slow card during connector extraction; detect switch identifies card insertion; versions as small as 1.80 mm high,15.50 mm deep

$0.70 in quantities of 10,000 to 50,000


9311-FB fieldbus barrier wiring hub

Field-mounted unit creates intrinsically safe spur connections from non-intrinsically safe trunk; bus powered; intelligent power management; flexible grounding options; –40°C to 75°C operating range

Contact the company for pricing

Advanced Interconnections Corp

B2B high-density surface-mount connector

Robust screw-machined terminals for 1.27-mm-pitch, surface-mount board stacking use; multi-finger contacts; polarized male/female engagement prevents 180° mismating; RoHS-compliant

Contact the company for pricing

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