Electronic Design

Interconnects Let Designers Exploit Three Dimensions

Cinch Connectors’ newest offering is a solderless, compression-style board-to-board interconnect system combining the company’s iQ connector with a flex circuit. The system, which has from less than 10 to over 400 I/O interconnects, has the ability to match custom footprints and has a pitch as low as 1 mm.

The interconnect takes advantage of Cinch's iQ technology, which offers low-self-inductance and low-resistance paths. As a result, the interconnect design can handle higher-speed signals. In addition, the high-density interconnect allows designers to optimize space on their printed circuit boards, and the solderless compression system is easy to use and permits fast rework.

The product includes a Cinch iQ Connector, Flex Circuit, and compression hardware. It’s designed for a variety of board-to-board applications, including co-planar, parallel, stacked, multi-level, and backplane boards.

Cinch's engineers are available to begin designing custom Cinch iQ Flex Circuit Assembly Solutions now.

Prices vary based on the number of I/O connections and degree of customization.

Visit www.cinch.com.

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