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Interconnects Work Up To 1 GHz

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The high speed, matched impedance interconnect systems on 0.5 mm pitch (QTH/QSH Series), 0.8 mm pitch (QTE/QSE Series) and 2 mm pitch (QTT/QTS Series) are fully tested for impedance, VSWR, attenuation, crosstalk, propagation delay and rise time at frequencies from 10 MHz to 1 GHz. They provide a range of board spacings from 5 mm to 32 mm depending upon the pitch selected. The new FleXYZ interfaces provide design flexibility in all three planes by specifying number of rows, pins per row and board spacing with standard interconnects. These interconnects are available with a choice of 0.050" pitch (YFE/YFT/YFW Series) and 2 mm pitch (YTT/YTW/YTS/YTE Series). The 0.050" pitch interconnects are available with up to 500 I/Os and the 2 mm pitch interfaces are available with up to 300 I/Os.

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