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Interface Board Taps Chipset To Serve Thermal Printer Apps

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A new interface board and chipset is now available for the firm's STP211 thermal print mechanism. The IFO121-GCB interface board incorporates printing of ANK, international characters and graphics with same-line graphic/ character printing. Eight-bit parallel and serial (RS-232C) inputs are available. If they prefer, designers can forego use of the board and instead incorporate the chipset into their own custom boards. Use of the M50747-753SP chipset with a parallel port can also eliminate the need for a serial port, saving components and often reducing board space requirements. The STP211 print mechanism is a compact, lightweight unit that prints up to 4 dots/mm with speeds up to 1.9 character lines/second. Prices for the interface board start at $100; the chipset costs $35.

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