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Interface Boards Seek Duties In Embedded Avionics

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Flexible, full-function or single-function MIL-STD-1553 interfaces in a PCMCIA card are supplied by the ABI-PCM2 and ASF-PCM2 interfaces, which are said to be well-suited to embedded avionics applications. The products provide interfaces to PCMCIA systems. The primary enhancement is the elimination of the external transceiver box required with the older models, making the new package more compact. The ABI-PCM2 provides concurrent and independent operation of a bus controller, 31 remote terminals, and sequential and/or mapped bus monitoring. The ASF-PCM2 provides similar capability in a single-function mode. The products comprise a complete 1553 interface, including 1553A and/or 1553B selections, programmable bus monitoring frame lists and scheduling capabilities, remote terminal response tables, pointer-driven transmit and receive buffers, mapped monitoring, sequential bus monitoring, and extensive programmable event interrupts.

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