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Interface Device Handles T1/E1/J1 Framer And Short/Long Haul Analog Lines

A single-channel 3.3V T1, E1, J1 framer with integrated line interface unit (LIU), PM4351 COMET (combined E1, T1, J1) feature set is optimized to support wireless base transceiver stations, telecommunications digital loop carrier, and frame relay/Internet access applications. A design using this highly integrated COMET device reporatedly can eliminate up to five separate board-level designs. COMET is a software selectable solution for all three global primary rate framing formats and for short and long haul analog interface standards. The COMET framer supports T1 SF, ESF, SLC96 and T1DM formats; E1 framing per G.704 and G.706; and J1 framing per TTC JT-704. The integral LIU complies with short and long haul specifications, supporting up to 36 dB of cable attenuation for T1 and up to 43 dB of attenuation for E1 signals.


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