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Interface Makes LCD And PCB Shake Hands

Interface Makes LCD And PCB Shake Hands

Addressing tablet, notebook, and netbook PC markets’ demand for interconnects with sufficient throughput to drive the latest display technologies, Tyco’s next-generation LCD Coaxial Embedded Display Interface (LCEDI) family of connectors provide a total solution for panel-to-main-board interconnection. Two versions of LCEDI connectors, LCEDI and LCEDI SR, target notebooks and tablet PCs, and system applications, respectively. Overall, the LCEDI connector family accommodates consistent digital data transmission through one, two, or four DisplayPort standard lanes at a reduced bit rate of 1.62 Gb/s or a high bit rate of 2.7 Gb/s through each lane. Faster data rates are possible over different wiring schemes. TYCO ELECTRONICS, Harrisburg, PA. (877) 623-4766.

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