Electronic Design

Interface Standard Makes Next-Gen COMs More Reliable, Easier To Use

The Small Form Factor Special Interest Group (SFF-SIG) unveils Computer On Module Interconnect Technology (COMIT), a unique form-factor independent, Computer-on-Module (COM) interface standard. COMIT targets small form-factor COM processor modules and host baseboards leveraging the latest ultra-mobile and low power processor/chipset combinations. Reportedly, the enabling technology allows tiny processor modules to fit within the footprint of industry-standard, small-form-factor boards, i.e., EBX, EPIC, PC/104, Pico ITX, or other standard or custom-designed baseboards. Essentially, COMIT is an electromechanical interface specification designed to be processor independent and focuses on bus-interconnect and module-manufacturing technology rather than any single processor, DSP, or MCU architecture. It supports different processors with a single baseboard, allowing easy migration to future processors for performance/feature enhancement or for obsolescence mitigation. For more details, visit http://www.sff-sig.org/comit.html.



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