Electronic Design

Internal AC Adapter Module Supports Home Networking

The Net+Power internal ac adapter module provides an interface to thousands of electronic products used in networked homes. Complete with a 14-Mbit/s HomePlug physical layer (PHY), it targets OEMs of small commercial electronic products. The PHY connects to an Ethernet medium access controller (MAC) interface on the OEM motherboard. An offline switching supply provides up to 10 W of regulated power at common supply voltages. The pc-board module plugs into a connector on the OEM board and includes an ac input receptacle, eliminating the need for internal wires. The first Net+Power module, the MPS105HP, provides a regulated 5-V dc output at 1.7 A with a universal ac input of 85 to 265 V ac. All of the modules feature overload protection, ensuring shut-off under short or overcurrent conditions. Also, the 3.5- by 3.5- by 1.0-in. units operate with at least 75% efficiency. In production quantities, pricing starts at $45 each. Volume shipments will be available in February 2003.

Maverick Power Systems
www.maverickpower.com; (201) 475-9696

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