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Internal AC Adapter Packs HomePlug PHY

The Net+Power internal AC adapter module has a 14-Mbps HomePlug PHY that permits the module to be connected to a motherboard's Ethernet MAC interface. The module also has an off-line switcher that provides up to 10W of regulated power at popular supply voltages. The compact, 3.5" x 3.5" x 1.0" module plugs into a connector on the OEM board and includes an AC input receptacle, eliminating the need for internal wires. Net+Power has regulatory approval for sale in North America, Europe and most of Asia. The first Net+Power module, the MPS105HP, provides a regulated +5 Vdc output at 1.7A with a 85-265 Vac universal input. The MPS family of products also features overload protection, allowing output shut-off under short- or over-current conditions. Efficiency is at least 75%. MAVERICK POWER SYSTEMS, Santa Clara, CA. (201) 475-9696.


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