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Internet-Accessible Data Systems Control Remote Sensors

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Users can monitor and control remote sensors without having to redesign protocols and communications systems with the InterDAC 360 and InterDAC 300, a pair of stand-alone, Internet-accessible data and control boards offered as an alternative to PC card-based products. With the new boards, any person in any location can perform monitoring and control functions from any desktop computer, it's claimed.Rather than relying on network access to a remote PC card, the technology provides a pre-programmed, stand-alone board-level product that leverages existing network infrastructures. The Internet acquisition cards are said to be simple to install in the field and require no custom software development. They allow users to access data using a standard Web browser. Other key features include TCP/IP access; three serial ports; Ethernet port with AUI and 10BaseT connectors; eight digital channels; EEPROM memory; and more.

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