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Intersil’s Analog Switches Reduce On-Resistance And Board Space

Saving up to 72% of board space when compared to TDFN and TQFN packages, the dual ISL54050 and quad ISL54056 SPDT analog switches in TQFN packages specify on resistance values of 0.27Ω and 0.45Ω, respectively. RoHS compliant, both devices measure 0.5-mm thick and exhibit these on resistances when operating from 3.3V supplies. Other shared features include an on-resistance matching between channels of 0.06Ω, on-resistance flatness across their signal range of 0.03Ω (ISL54050) and 0.05Ω (ISL54056), single-supply operation from 1.65V to 4.5V, power consumption of less than 0.45W, switch-on time of 40 ns, switch-off time of 20 ns, ESD HBM rating beyond 8 kV, and 1.8V-logic compatibility. Prices for the ISL54050 and ISL54056 are $1.40 and $1.60 each/1,000, respectively. INTERSIL CORP., Palm Bay, FL. (888) 468-3774.


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