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Inverter Features Closed Loop Control Feedback

A new inverter has been designed to attain closed-loop current control over an input voltage range from 8 to 18 Vdc for monitoring lamp current to maintain consistent brightness, regardless of any variations in input voltage. The DMW series inverter is suited for LCDs backlit by two cold cathode fluorescent lamps. With a combined power of up to 16W, the inverter is useful for applications operating from an unregulated input voltage source or power supply, such as battery-powered equipment. This design ensures the performance of LCDs in reliability-critical applications such as medical equipment and voting machines, where equipment is unaffected by a sudden power outage or dead batteries. The inverter is also suitable for use with LCDs requiring a high starting voltage ranging up to 2,400V and that are backlit by larger, longer CCFL tubes. Other design features include integral on-board PWM dimming from 0 to 100%, soft start lamp ignition with no noise during the PWM phase, open lamp detection and shutdown, and direct connection to the display. Single-unit pricing is $19.85 each. For further information and availability, contact ENDICOTT RESEARCH GROUP INC., Endicott, NY. (800) 215-5866.


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