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Inverters Fire Up To Four CCFLs

Capable of illuminating two or four CCFLs in LCD backlighting applications, the LDS series inverters provide up to 12W of output power with direct display connection. The components sport a compact form factor measuring 133.1 mm x 31 mm x 9 mm for use with LCD sizes from 6.4" to 12.1" diagonal. An external analog control interfaces with an on-board pulse width modulator (PWM) to provide dimming control, allowing the inverters to reliably dim to less than 5% of the duty cycle. Operating temperature is -20°C to 70°C. Pricing is $12.70 each in production quantities with a delivery time from two to four weeks ARO. ENDICOTT RESEARCH GROUP INC., Endicott, NY. (800) 215-5866.


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