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Inverting Voltage Doublers Aim For Wireless Handheld Devices

Nine new inverting charge pump voltage doublers provide an inverted doubled output from a single positive supply and are specifically designed for a wide variety of applications that include cellular phone PA bias, pagers, PDAs, and other battery-powered devices. The chips—the TC1682 through TC1684, the TC2682 through TC2684 and the TC3682 through TC3684—thave 99% voltage conversion efficiency, a wide operating range of 1.8V to 5.5V, a low active supply current, and a low output resistance of 120 ohms typical. The devices save board space by requiring only three external capacitors. Both the TC1682-84 and TC3682-84 family of doublers features a power-saving shutdown mode which provides a low-power mode of operation by consuming less than 1 µA of supply current. Pricing in lots of 10,000 is $0.99 for the TC1682-84; $0.88 for the TC2682-84; and $1.09 for the TC3682-84.


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