Electronic Design
I/O Board Enhances Functional Density

I/O Board Enhances Functional Density

Addressing the growing constraints on size, weight, and power in military platforms, the VME-6500 6U VME multi-function I/O board provides in a single chassis slot the analog and digital I/O capabilities previously occupied by four slots, thereby enhancing performance and functional density. The board also proves to be a cost-effective alternative to custom-built solutions. Features include eight analog input channels, eight analog output channels, plus 16 digital input channels and 16 digital output channels, each with a 16-bit ADC. Analog inputs are software-programmable and digital input channels are capable of multiple voltages and current ranges with programmable input thresholds and de-bounce times. Digital outputs support high-voltage and high-current drivers and are protected against short-circuit, over-current, and over-temperature conditions. The VME-6500 supports Windows, Linux, and VxWorks. GE FANUC INTELLIGENT PLATFORMS, Charlottesville, VA. (434) 978-5000.

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